Add a Donate Button in Zoom

Any Zoom meeting can become a fundraiser for nonprofits in minutes through the Donations by Pledge app.

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Tens of millions raised for over 20,000 nonprofits around the world.


Raise More Funds in Zoom Meetings

Donations by Pledge delivers 50% more donations versus traditional virtual event fundraising, here’s how:

  • Donate in seconds without leaving Zoom
  • Thank donors with an “I donated” virtual background
  • Real-time donation feed
  • Fundraiser goal for maximum momentum
  • Text-to-donate is a backup option if attendees are attending via mobile phone

Who Uses Donations by Pledge?

👩🏿‍🦽 Nonprofits

👨🏻‍💻 Employees at for profit companies

💁‍♀️ Do-gooders like you

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What Kinds of Virtual Events Is It For?

🥳 Birthday parties

🍼 Baby showers

🎊 Charity galas

🎤 Concerts

💼 Corporate events


Religious services

🤗 Reunions

📚 School fundraisers

💒 Weddings

“We’re excited that Donations by Pledge is bringing the ability to add a Donate button into Zoom Meetings. This shows the power of Zoom Apps to harness the scale of our platform to positively impact the world and deliver happiness to our users.”

How to Add a Donate Button in Zoom

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