Donating Your Birthday: A Simple Way to Make a Big Impact! 🥳

March 24, 2023

Birthdays are special occasions that we all look forward to. They're a time for celebration, reflection, and gratitude. But what if we could make our birthdays even more meaningful by using them as an opportunity to give back to a cause we hold close to our hearts? That's where "donating your birthday" through Pledge comes in!

Donating your birthday is a simple yet powerful way to positively impact the world. In lieu of receiving gifts, you can ask your friends, family, neighbors & colleagues to donate to your favorite nonprofit organization. It's a great way to spread awareness about important issues and make a tangible difference in your community (and it’s tax-deductible). Are you ready to make a real difference on your next birthday? Here are a few tips on how you can easily donate your birthday with Pledge, and create a positive impact that will last long after the candles are blown out!

1. Choose a Cause That You're Passionate About 💜

There are literally millions of nonprofits & causes that could use your support ( to be exact, over 2 million on our nonprofit database!). Think about the issues that matter most to you, whether it's education, healthcare, the environment, or something else. Once you've identified your cause, search our nonprofit database to find a verified organization that aligns with your values. And remember, when using Pledge, 100% of donations go to the nonprofits, thanks to our #FreeTheFee commitment

2. Set Up Your Fundraising Page 💪

Creating a fundraiser page has never been easier! With just a few clicks, you can make a huge impact on your favorite nonprofit. Simply head over to your free account in the Pledge Impact Hub, click on "Fundraisers," and select "Create a Fundraiser." From there, easily customize your page by choosing your favorite colors, adding images and videos, adding a text-to-donate campaign, and more. And don't forget to share your "why" with a personalized message that will inspire others to donate.

Try it yourself! Click anywhere on the image to create a fundraising page.

3. Get Creative & Add Your Donation Form to Your Website!💡

Recently, in honor of artist Yoko Ono’s 90th birthday, her son Sean Ono Lennon created a virtual "Wish Tree” resembling her famous exhibits, where people can post their wishes and donate to One Tree Planted via Pledge's donation form.

This is not only beautiful but also showcases the power of creativity in making an impact. Besides fundraising pages, embedding your fundraiser’s donation form on a website is another effective way to donate your birthday! Plus, it’s super easy to do. Simply select “Publish and Share Fundraiser” and copy and paste the two lines of code into your website. Check out a super quick walk-through video here.

4. Spread the Word 📣

Let's get the word out and make a difference together! With your Pledge Fundraising Page up and running, it's time to spread the word and let everyone know about your important cause. Don't worry, it's easy! Simply share your page across all your social media platforms directly from your page to reach a wider audience and encourage your loved ones to donate. You can also send personalized emails or text messages to let people know about your fundraiser and why it's important to you. You’ll be amazed to see the generosity of others when you simply ask them to support a cause you care about.

5. Make It an Event! 🤗

Whether you're planning an in-person dinner party or a virtual celebration, we've got you covered. With our partner Evite, you can create stunning birthday invitations that also allow your guests to donate directly through the invitation (yes, you read that right - the invitation fundraises for you!). And if you're planning a virtual party, our Donations By Pledge Zoom App has everything you need, including fun virtual backgrounds and the ability to collect donations in real-time during the event.

6. Share Updates On Your Progress & Impact 📊

Let's keep the momentum going and inspire your friends and family to make a difference! By sharing updates on your fundraiser, you can keep everyone motivated and excited about the impact you're making. With Pledge, it's easy to stay on top of your progress and share real-time updates with your supporters. Simply access the real-time donations dashboard from your Impact Hub and use your fundraiser page to send instant updates during and after your birthday.

7. Say Thank You 💌

Finally, don't forget to say thank you to everyone who donated. It's important to show your appreciation and let people know how their contributions will make a difference. You can personalize the automatic thank you message that your friends & family will receive after they make a donation, or even add a video to express your gratitude.

Donating your birthday is a simple yet impactful way to give back. By choosing a cause that you're passionate about and encouraging others to donate, you can make a meaningful difference in the world. So why not join Anna, Yoko Ono & millions of others to see how much of an impact you can make on your next birthday? Begin today here.