5 Ways to Fundraise for Women's Health

May 6, 2022

As Mother's Day approaches, many are celebrating their love and appreciation for moms and mother figures everywhere, and if you're a DoGooder like we are, that celebration can be honored with the commitment to support mothers and women through quality healthcare, reproductive services, and the social safety net they need to thrive and nurture the next generation.

Women face a multitude of challenges when it comes to health, pregnancy, caring for children, and providing for families. In many cases, even the decision of whether or when to become a mother plays a very important role in the long term health of women and their surrounding communities

When it comes to women’s health, the reality is that most research programs and medical services are underfunded:

  • While 80% of women have healthy pregnancies and deliveries, rates of complications are rising. Between 2014-2018, the rates of pregnancy complications rose more than 16%, while rates for childbirth complications rose more than 14%.
  • Despite spending an average of $304 billion on women’s health care annually, the US continually ranks poorly among developed nations on many standard measures of women’s and children’s health. This is partly due to only a fraction of the cost going towards clinical care and preventative health services which are significantly underfunded.
  • Women in less developed countries have, on average, many more pregnancies than women in developed countries, and their lifetime risk of death due to pregnancy is higher.

It’s now more important than ever to help mothers who are vulnerable and in need of critical services, so we came up with unique ways you can make a difference in the lives for every mother this Mother’s Day:

1. Host a Mother’s Day Appreciation Event

Celebrate your local community of moms by hosting a Mother’s Day Community Brunch:

  • Partner with a local restaurant to create a delicious menu with some favorite dishes and desserts.
  • Invite the community to have performances and entertainment during the event.
  • A portion of the proceeds can benefit the nonprofit Mothers2Mothers which aims to improve the health of mothers through reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health.

2. Share a Mother’s Story Online

Storytelling is one of the most compelling methods to impact and inspire communities. Find a mother, whether it be a friend, sister, or your own mom that would be willing to share their story to impact the lives of others:

  • Record a video capturing the story and share it on your social network to spread awareness, and ask for donations to support an organization that aligns with the message.
  • Host a virtual fundraising event that allows nonprofits to share first-hand stories and encourage others to rally around the cause.
  • Connect with a mother from Mothers Without Borders that has benefitted from your fundraising efforts and learn more about their experiences, which you can share back with your network.

3. Create a Neighborhood Garden

Have a green thumb or interest in gardening? Dedicate a neighborhood garden where moms, families, and everyone in the community can learn more about the wonders of plants and growing natural foods to support a great mission:

  • Harvest fruits and vegetables where all proceeds benefit the charity Common Threads which provide families nutrition education in their communities.
  • Sell the flowers grown from the garden in schools, businesses and other local areas where a portion of the profits go towards causes for women’s access to basic needs.
  • Have the neighborhood come together and paint a mural featuring note-able moms from around the world.

4. Put Together Care Packages

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than through a care package? This can be a unique gift that allows you to fully customize it to someone’s interests and goods can be easily donated & collected:

  • Make care packages with food for homeless mothers and drop them off at your local shelter.
  • The National Diaper Network is an organization that provides basic necessities to help build strong foundations for families and children to thrive to their full potential.
  • Sell customized relaxation and meditation packages for moms with a local mom-owned business.

5. Create an Empowerment Jar

Everyone needs a bit of encouragement and positivity from time to time, especially hard working mothers!

  • Fill a jar with notes of positive affirmations and words of wisdom for a mother. A mom can read each note daily to uplift her even in her most challenging moments.
  • For every jar that is sold, you can give another jar to a mother experiencing a difficult situation.

We hope these ideas inspire your creativity to honor mothers and mother figures this Mother’s Day while acting locally and thinking globally.

Want to support organizations helping mothers and women gain access to the critical care they need? #PledgeTo donate to our Women’s Health Fund below!

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