5 Creative Valentine’s Day Fundraiser Ideas

February 16, 2022

Valentine’s Day is known for expressing our love to important people in our lives that we care for deeply. Maybe you want to show your appreciation for that friend who is always there for you or a dog who stands loyally by your side.

But, have you ever wondered if you could take things a step further to impact this Valentine’s Day? Well, what better way to show your love than supporting a cause you are passionate about than fundraising!

Here are some fun ideas to get you started on your fundraising journey this Valentine’s Day and beyond:

1. Host a Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day Gathering

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples! Reach out to those who are special to you and host a fun Valentine’s-themed event, either virtually or in-person.

Consider these Pledge partnered platforms to start your fundraiser off to a great start:

  • Zoom - Our Donate button in Zoom allows you to fundraise virtually without ever having to leave the platform, allowing you to gather everyone you know near and far to join in on the fun.
  • Evite - If you’d opt to go in-person this year, Evite makes it easy to gather all while making a difference. When creating an event on their platform, simply select which organization you’d like to donate to from our selection of over 2 million nonprofits.

2. Gift a Loved One a Cameo from their Favorite Celebrity

Has your friend or loved one ever wanted to meet their favorite celebrity? Now’s their

chance! Cameo, the video-sharing platform, allows celebrities to send personalized video messages directly to their fans. And with Cameo’s integration with Pledge, you now can find celebrities that give back 100% of their proceeds to nonprofit organizations that mean the most to them.

3. Organize a Donation Stand for Flowers, Candy, or Homemade Cards

Out with the old in with the new? Everything doesn’t always have to be new all the time. You don’t have to host a large-scale fancy event to leave a big impact. There’s nothing more simple than going the traditional route. Communities and schools will love giving personalized and sweet gifts to a cause that can create change for the greater good. A card with a meaningful message or a sweet treat to benefit a nonprofit can go a long way.

Pro tip: You can include your customized text-to-donate keyword for mobile-friendly donations at your stand, no computer required!

4. Host a Fundraiser Event

  • Host a “love-themed” auction featuring charity dates, gift cards from your favorite local restaurants, and fun date experiences that guests can bid on, all to raise money for a good cause!
  • Celebrate heart health and organize a walk-a-thon - Did you know February is also National Heart Month? What better way to celebrate than by getting in some cardio while also doing some good that your entire community can participate in.

Pro tip: Create a fundraiser page to share with participants and across social media so they can make their donation ahead of and during the event.

5. Thank you Cards to Donors or Supporters

Sometimes a little thank you can go a long way. Whether you are thanking someone for a recent donation, volunteer work, or their overall support, there is never a wrong time to show your appreciation. And using our easy to use templates on Canva, sending a personalized thank you has never been more impactful.

Ready to get your fundraiser started and make your Valentine’s Day effort phenomenal? Click here to get started today!