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Our Mission

I AM A GIRL BARBADOS, also referred to as 'the Community', is a holistic community modelled organisation based around the philosophy: 'Reach One; Teach One', which signifies that for every one (1) girl we reach, they in turn teach another. The purpose of the Community is to contribute to the continual progression of Barbadian youth by providing opportunities for young "at-risk" girls to be more empowered through their overall growth into adulthood with guidance and support, by aiding in their development of skills, social responsibility, career and fellowship necessary to create positive change, not only within themselves but within their families and wider communities. The overall services offered are capacity building, community development, mentorship, and advocacy. Further to that, through our flagship programme, Generation Y, the Community utilises drama therapy and creative expression as a means to shift negative cognitive behaviour patterns that are evident in girls aged five (5) to eighteen (18), who may have been exposed to domestic abuse, sexual abuse and violence, in many forms.

I. Mission To inspire, empower, and provide opportunities for young girls to lead, and create positive change.

II. Vision To develop a positive shift in community spirit, and built an everlasting sisterhood among girls of every variety of background, locally and regionally.

III. Beneficiaries Girls aged five (5) to eighteen (18) that may be "at risk". This term is used to illustrate that a particular segment of society is statistically more prone to be unsuccessful in various aspects of their lives due to the unfortunate circumstances directly or indirectly thrown at them and/or based on gender.

IV. Slogan We are girls, SMART, RESILIENT & STRONG!

The Community's overall objectives are as follows: A. To develop the awareness and interest of its members and civil society, about social, economic and environmental issues related to young "at risk" girls; B. To encourage young "at risk" girls to participate in training programmes to develop leadership skills, which would encourage further service contribution to their community; C. To promote the welfare of the community and its young citizens through the planning and execution of comprehensive projects geared mainly towards young "at risk" girls; D. To establish and maintain stronger relations with like-minded youth lead and youth focused groups, NGOs, other organizations, and the furtherance of understanding about the challenges young "at risk" girls face; and, E. To accumulate effective solutions that can be developed to influence the decision making process on areas which affect young "at risk" girls.

I Am A Girl Barbados addresses five (5) main themes: 1. Education; 2. Motivation; 3. Community Empowerment; 4. Sustainable Growth; and, 5. Social Development.

All activities provides the girls with the tools needed to succeed in life and become leaders in their own right. Ultimately, this Community promotes the overall welfare of Barbadian youth by undertaking projects that are directly geared towards skills not afforded to all young girls within society. Overall programmes touch on elements of non-traditional historical teachings, financial tips and advice, business and project management, creative arts and production and environmental awareness, which are areas neglected to be shared with most girls in Barbados.

The solid membership base of this organization, the foundation for which is centred around mentorship, with the establishment and maintenance of relationships with other youth groups/organizations, trained counselling professionals and youth in general, themselves, come together to offer effective solutions for the problems being faced by the girls in Barbados.

This Community aims to build a fresh culture within Barbados that demonstrates to all girls that being a girl is no curse; we are enough.

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