Waqful Waqifin Foundation (Gift of the Givers Foundation)

290 Prince Alfred Street,
South Africa

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To promote, encourage and project these principles in all its dimensions, within and beyond South Africa's borders.

To benefit all of creation, in keeping with these principles, including service to plant, animal , environment and all of humanity irrespective of race, religion, colour, culture, political affiliation or geographical boundary. This service to be conducted in a non-judgemental manner.

To uphold the dignity and honour of man, striving to make him self-sufficient and independent at the time of crisis or otherwise; (man refers to both genders where appropriate).

To be gender sensitive and to take a special interest in the care of children , orphans , women , physically and mentally challenged individuals and the elderly .

Without derogating from the generality of the aforegoing the activities of the Foundation , inter alia , include: Disaster management and humanitarian aid delivery in crises whether natural or man-made including floods, cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes , tornado, accidents and war;

Establishment of medical facilities , clinics and hospitals; Delivery of medicines and medical equipment;

Establishment of feeding schemes, food parcel delivery and poverty relief programmes including assistance with burial and funeral arrangements, provision of new and used clothing, blankets and baby milk powder;

Provision of boreholes, waterwells and water purification tablets;

Provision of free telephonic and face-face counselling services in matters of depression, drug abuse, relationship problems, HIV/AIDS, marital discord, parenting, learning difficulties, teenage problems, child abuse, domestic violence, maintenance grants, etc. ;

Establishment of Drug Rehab Centres and Havens for the abused; women and children in particular;

Establishment of orphanages and old age homes;

Provision of wheelchairs, hearing aids, braille machines and any such equipment and aids to assist physically and mentally challenged individuals;

Provision of Life Skills training; empowerment counselling and skills in counselling;

Establishment of skills development programmes, entrepreneul skills and job creation projects;

Promoting South Africa as a means to encourage tourism, investment and further job creation initiatives;

Provision of agricultural implements and Farmer's Packs (seeds, fertiliser , LAN, etc.) to promote food security and self sustainability;

Establishment of educational institutions whether religious or secular;

Provision of bursaries, textbooks, stationery, computers, technology workshops and other educational support;

Establishment of places of worship including a tekke (meeting place for dervishes or disciples);

Promotion of peace, tolerance, understanding, love, mercy and inter-faith dialopue between people, communities, cultures and religions;

Promotion of faith, spirituality and religious awareness ;

Establishment of community radio, television and media to assist with all the above principles;

Support of artists who can promote all the above principles through song , writings, etc.