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Our Mission

The Hollywood Climate Summit is an annual multi-day conference that creates a cross-sector community space for thousands of entertainment and media professionals to take action on climate.

We gather filmmakers, executives, artists, activists, climate organizations, scientists, and other experts for interactive programming and professional development opportunities. Our main conference is located in Los Angeles, and includes hybrid workshops and virtual networking opportunities for international audiences.

Four years in a row, we have convened thousands of creative professionals from more than 52 countries, doubling or even tripling attendance year over year. Our mission is to equip professionals in communication and entertainment with informed strategies, tools and information to learn and communicate effectively about climate change; our method is to create a culture of excitement, acceptance, and community to empower people with the courage necessary to speak out on an issue that has been avoided, polarized and sanitized.

Our vision is to transform this event into "the SXSW of climate media": a marketplace of ideas that brings together film & TV, music, technology, advertising, and other adjacent industries for the betterment of our planet. We're ready to turn this annual gathering into a hub for community building year-round.

We have proven that we have the tools, strategies and passion to grow this work, and our community, year to year. Now we need your help to bring more resources to this critical work and effectively meet the urgency of this moment. With your support, we can become a sustainable operation - in every sense of the word - that provides programming and community organizing support all year.

Our Impact

Impact Stories

June 26, 2022 — Los Angeles, CA

The Climate Ambassadors Network has already trained over 200 professionals from various disciplines on ways they can make their workplace more sustainable.

June 26, 2022 — Los Angeles, CA

We have undertaken creative collaborations with Lil Dicky, EcoTok, Meta, Rare's Entertainment Lab and Good Energy, who used the 2022 Summit to pilot The Climate Lens(TM) workshop.

September 15, 2021 — Los Angeles, CA

Since 2020, we have directed more than $25,000 to grassroots BIPOC organizations and speakers, and made an annual investment in content commissions from Tongva artists.

June 26, 2022 — Los Angeles, CA

Since 2019, we have engaged in Community Partnerships with over 190 organizations locally, nationally and internationally.

September 15, 2021 — Los Angeles, CA

The Hollywood Climate Summit’s first ever screening of a climate film, the documentary YOUTH v GOV, led to the film securing distribution from Netflix executives who were in attendance.

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