Calculated Genius

1308 N Elston Ave,
Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60642,

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Calculated Genius is dedicated to helping underrepresented youth explore and connect to engineering, in an effort to inspire and support a brighter future.

Calculated Genius is invested in the genesis of an emerging and diverse pool of engineers that will transform Chicago into a more innovative and just 21st century city. CG seeks to imbue the ā€˜Eā€™ in STEM with the energy of historically underrepresented groups in the engineering field, namely women and people of color.

Our efforts are concentrated on front end investment in young aspiring engineers. We work to inspire young men and women enrolled in Chicago Public Schools to see themselves as capable, confident, and necessary in the 21st century economy and attractive to universities and employers right here in their hometown. We promote the wonder and precision of engineering exhibited all around our young people in their everyday lives, and demonstrate through example a pathway to a sustainable, rewarding, and essential career. We build alliances with other organizations addressing the same disparities in STEM so that our young people may continue to progress towards positions of leadership.



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