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Our Mission

HERHealthEQ is driving health equity by providing medical devices and equipment to developing countries for women's health issues.

HERHealthEQ's vision is a world where healthcare, medical devices, and equipment are accessible to all women, equally. Women are the cornerstone of the family unit. When a woman becomes ill and does not receive the care she needs, the entire family unit is at greater risk of remaining in a cycle of poverty.

We focus on providing equipment involved in the treatment of the top non-communicable diseases (NCDs) that affect the developing world which include cancers affecting women, maternal health, diabetes, and heart disease.

Our Impact

HERhealthEQ posted an impact story
over 5 years ago — Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Tanzania has a 38% cervical cancer rate. HERHealthEQ will be providing the cryo-ablation equipment to freeze pre-cancerous and early stage cancerous cells to stop their progression. This enables the "See and Treat" methodology, as it can be done in clinic, instantly, and the procedure is painless and takes 1-2 minutes per patient. As of December 2018, CEO Marissa Fayer passed on our MedGyn Products, Inc. donated cryotherapy equipment., the first of 25+ for this project.

HERhealthEQ posted an impact story
over 6 years ago — Savana la Mar, Jamaica

Through 2017/2018, HERHealthEQ partnered with Esaote North America and Lutech Medical to secure the donation of an ultrasound machine and a colposcope, respectively. Savanna-la-Mar Public General Hospital, a Jamaican hospital that serves a population of over 150,000 patients was the recipient of the equipment. Despite serving a vast portion of Western Jamaica, including the 20 local primary care health centers that feed into the hospital, the hospital lacks many of the necessary resources to treat such a large population.

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