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Until There's A Cure Foundation

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Our Mission

Until There’s A Cure® is a national organization dedicated to eradicating HIV/AIDS by raising awareness and funds to combat the pandemic. Our dream is that no one else will become infected with HIV. For those who are HIV positive, we are dedicated on their behalf to educating everyone about the virus and the overwhelming need for love and compassion in fighting this pandemic. Our goal is to fund prevention education, care services, and vaccine development, and increase public awareness of AIDS, using The Bracelet as the tool. The Bracelet not only serves as a bridge to unite people to fight HIV/AIDS, but helps to increase consciousness, compassion, understanding, and responsibility. Until There’s A Cure® is committed to: Funding innovative programs which promote AIDS awareness and prevention education. Providing financial support for care and services for those living with AIDS. Supporting and advocating for AIDS vaccine development which offers the best hope for reducing the spread of HIV.

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