Enhance Your Zoom Events Fundraiser in 2 Simple Steps

Our integration with Zoom Events, allows you to seamlessly integrate donations. This integration provides you the ability to raise nearly 5x more versus traditional methods; here are a few additional ways you can level up your fundraising experience through Pledge. 

  • Add PledgeCam to the experience. Our PledgeCam product allows you to turn any livestream camera into a telethon, displaying a real-time donation feed along how to donate outside of Zoom, including a URL and text-to-donate keyword. This provides an additional way to donate, especially if a donor is calling in or unable to access the Donate button from within Zoom. 
    • To download our PledgeCam for either PC or Mac, click here

  • Enable Donation Matching. Maximum your potential for donations through our newest in-app Zoom feature, Donation Matching. This provides donors with additional motivation to add more to their overall donation, which is easily set up through our Impact Hub. For more information and to install for your next fundraiser through Zoom, head here
We hope that these features allow you to make the most of your next Zoom fundraiser and increase your total donations going forward! #PledgeToDoGood 

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