Case Study: Impact Through the Give & Grow App

Pledge’s award-winning Give & Grow app now available on Shopify only takes a few minutes to install and allows e-commerce businesses to seamlessly and easily donate to organizations and causes around the world.  Through our app, thousands of brands have been able to make positive impacts all over the world for wonderful causes that they and their customers care about. 

We selected several stores currently using our Give & Grow app to show the diverse and unique ways that Shopify businesses can make their #PledgeToDoGood, from rounding up at checkout to donating a dollar for every purchase made. To check them out, scroll on below!   

More Than A Backpack

More than a Backpack is a family-run business that aims to make a difference in the lives of children and communities. For each backpack sold, More Than A Backpack donates a portion to the charity Blessings in A Backpack which aids communities in combating childhood hunger among elementary school kids. You can directly see the impact made through their callout on their checkout page, as shown above. The red Impact Calculator powered by Pledge shows a real-time total of donations raised for Blessings in a Backpack! Watch the total increase with every purchase made through their site.



Sozy is a female-owned retail brand whose mission is to empower women and allow them to have comfortable options through their apparel and lifestyle products. By using Give & Grow, they are able to make a donation from every purchase to survivors of sexual assault, as well as environmental initiatives and other causes as shown above on their home page. 




Loci is an eco-friendly unisex shoe brand that cares about protecting the ocean and essential ecosystems. For every pair of shoes purchased, a portion of proceeds are donated to ocean conservation efforts and preserving vulnerable ocean species through nonprofits, including Mission Blue as shown above on their website. 


Neuro Gum

Neuro Gum is a wellness brand that uses natural caffeine as well as essential vitamins to help boost mental and physical energy through their scientifically tested gum. Neuro gives back through community events, and sharing their profits & products with nonprofits. At checkout, our app allows you to add a donation to support the nonprofit Team Red, White & Blue directly to your shopping cart, as shown above.



Blueland is an eco-friendly cleaning company that has a mission of creating innovative and affordable products with reusable packaging. In addition, they aim to eliminate the harmful effects in oceans from single-use plastics that are commonly used in everyday household products. By utilizing our Give & Grow app, customers are able to provide a donation at checkout to support the nonprofit Plastic Oceans to any purchase, as shown above. 


Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee is a veteran-owned coffee company who gives back to active military, veterans and first responders. They are a team committed to providing quality coffee with a meaningful purpose with their products. With every purchase made, they support causes that directly benefit those who have given service to America. Customers are able to select which of these organizations to donate to through their shopping cart, as shown above. 


Gifting Brands

Gifting Brands is a sustainable, innovative company whose mission is to empower women and children in need through philanthropic efforts. They collaborate with high-end retail brands and donate a portion of every purchase through their partnered charities such as A Better Chance and The Family Place, which customers are able to select during the checkout process.  


Micro Puzzles

Micro Puzzles is a fun brand that offers puzzles designed by a motivated team of artists and designers. A portion of each purchased puzzle goes to different charities each month, such as Actors and Others for Animals and The National Alzheimer's Association. The donations made are also displayed on their Impact Calculator as shown on their website above. 

Confidence Club

Australian-based company Confidence Club offers disposable continence management products focused on providing quality goods to individuals in a way that is simple and dignified. Through their efforts, they also allow customers to round up their purchase at checkout to help Carers Australia Limited, which supports Australia’s unpaid adult caregivers. 

As you can see, there are so many ways to make a difference through our Give & Grow app and it takes just minutes to get started. For more information and to download Give & Grow, visit our App Page today. 

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