Case Study: Clubhouse’s Largest Fundraiser to Benefit TX



$147,459 Raised | 768 Donors 

Nonprofits Benefited:
The American Black Cross
Austin Area Urban League
Austin Community Foundation
East Harris County Empowerment Council
The Houston Food Bank
Texas Relief Warriors
Angel By Nature
Central Texas Food Bank

The Challenge

During the height of its popularity, the Clubhouse community wanted to respond quickly and effectively to help those affected by the brutal winter storm that hit Texas in February 2021, leaving thousands without basic needs, such as power, food, clean water and other necessities. They wanted to make sure that the funds were going to organizations that were vetted and have a direct impact on the local communities across the state. 

The Solution

To support and power donations for this week-long event held on Clubhouse, organizers and the team at Pledge worked together to build out a free fundraiser page along with a mobile-friendly text-to-donate keyword. This service aligned perfectly with Clubhouse’s “audio-first” experience, providing the audience a way to donate using their mobile device, seamlessly and quickly. This also allowed for participants, including major celebrities, artists, and musicians, to update their highly visible profile pictures to feature the text-to-donate keyword, allowing awareness to not only be made auditorily, but visually as well. 

Impact Made 

Nearly $150,000 was provided to local, vetted organizations that provided direct assistance to those in need through Texas, providing them with access to food, clean water and a warm bed. While it stands as the largest fundraiser in Clubhouse history, Pledge’s team was able to mobilize quickly and power donations as a true fundraising partner, working diligently with the organizers to make sure the fundraiser was a success.  

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