Case Study: CCF's Wildlife Recovery Fund

$414,849 in donations
Raised by 1623 people

Nonprofit Benefitted: 
California Community Foundation 

The Challenge

CCF created a Wildfire Recovery Fund to provide immediate relief to those who lost their homes due to a wildfire. This can include access to shelter, food, cash, and other basic needs, providing both mid and long-term recovery efforts to those affected by California wildfires. Specifically, the team at CCF wanted a fundraising solution that allowed them to receive ongoing donations through the 2021 wildfire season and beyond in a way that wasn’t complex but still impactful, while also providing a seamless disbursement process. 

The Solution

With the help of Pledge, the team was able to create a fundraiser page to direct potential donors to. They also embedded a simple donation form on their own website to help respond to multiple wildfires, including the Caldor Fire in South Lake Tahoe. This included not only a simple process that made the fundraising process an easy one, Pledge was able to also provide the fast and seamless disbursement that CCF had desired. 

Impact Made 

Throughout the summer, CCF was able to raise over $400,000 through Pledge and is still collecting more donations to prepare for future wildfires and natural disasters in the state. With this money, the organization has been able to support those who were displaced or lost housing, belongings and/or employment, or suffered physical or mental health problems; helped to rebuild homes; provided case management services and basic needs assistance.

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