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Olympic Refuge Foundation

Maison Olympique,
1007 Lausanne,

| EIN: 30-0108263-7885

Our Mission

We are shaping a movement to ensure young people affected by displacement thrive through safe sport

Sport has the power to have the most incredible impact on young lives. We are uniting leaders, businesses, coaches and young refugees from across the world to create a team with purpose, a team like no other.

We all share one goal - for displaced young people to find belonging through sport, and shape their own futures, their way.

Having been through the unimaginable hardship of displacement, on this team they will find somewhere to feel at home again. Somewhere they can develop the skills to succeed in life and truly thrive.

Sport can be the springboard for a future that didn't seem possible. Helping young people find their place in the world, find success in their dream career. Or even finding themselves at the Olympic Games.

Together we can help them discover a future full of opportunity, fuelled by the Olympic spirit.

Our work It is easy to take the feeling of home for granted. That sense of being safe, welcome and respected. For young people uprooted by conflict, persecution or disaster, sport can offer a safe haven. Sport can develop stronger ties in communities, provide opportunities to learn new skills, build networks and improve health.

We want to ensure 1 million young people access safe sport by 2024. To do this we're focused on making an impact in three areas:

Access - making sure more young people affected by displacement can access and benefit from safe sport, for instance, through our programmes of sport- and play-based activities and upskilling coaches and through the Refugee Olympic Team.

Adoption - ensuring that the role of safe sport in supporting young refugees is widely understood and used, for instance, encouraging national governments to include safe sport in their refugee response frameworks.

Collective action - mobilising multiple partnerships to create sustained change, and improving the way sport is used to support young people affected by displacement. Together we can achieve more.

Our Impact

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