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IsraAID's mission is to effectively support and meet the changing needs of populations as they move from crisis to reconstruction, rehabilitation, and eventually, to sustainable living. This commitment is expressed in emergency relief and sustainable development, with an emphasis on the transition between them.

Operation Underground Railroad

Our mission as an organization is to rescue children from sex slavery and dismantle the criminal networks abusing them.

Pledge Access to Abortion & Reproductive Rights Fund

This fund support women’s reproductive rights to choose if and when to become a mother. All donations made will be split evenly among following verified 501(c)3 organizations: Plan C transforms access to abortion in the US by normalizing the self-directed option of abortion pills by mail. The Afiya Center acts to ignite the communal voices of Black womxn resulting in our full achievement of reproductive freedom. WRAAP assists women who are financially unable to pay for safe, legal abortions or emergency contraceptives. M + A Hotline is free & staffed by medical professionals offering support to self-managing miscarriage or abortions. National Network of Abortion Funds builds power with members to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access by centering people who have abortions and organizing at the intersections of racial, economic, and reproductive justice.

Children's Safety Center of Washington County

The Children’s Safety Center of Washington County empowers children to overcome abuse and begin to trust, hope and heal.

MADRE, An International Women's Human Rights Org.

MADRE's mission is to advance women's human rights by meeting urgent needs in communities and building lasting solutions to the crises women face. MADRE works towards a world in which all people enjoy the fullest range of individual and collective human rights; in which resources are shared equitably and sustainably; in which women participate effectively in all aspects of society; and in which people have a meaningful say in policies that affect their lives. MADRE's vision is enacted with an understanding of the inter-relationships between the various issues we address and by a commitment to working in partnership with women at the local, regional and international levels who share our goals.

Days for Girls International

Days for Girls is turning periods into pathways: We increase access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating Social Entrepreneurs, mobilizing volunteers and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigma and limitations for women and girls.


NicaWorks! seeks to help impoverished Nicaraguans break out of the cycle of intergenerational poverty into which they were born by providing, or increasing, access to education, healthcare, food security, vocational training, leadership development, and youth mentoring with a special focus on children, at-risk teens and adults, and single mothers. Nicaragua is the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Prevent Child Abuse Illinois

The mission of Prevent Child Abuse Illinois is to prevent child abuse by providing state-wide leadership through education, support for community initiatives, and advocacy.

Dove Project

DOVE is a catalyst for social change fostering zero tolerance for interpersonal violence. We do this by providing individualized support to empower survivors and through cultivating focused prevention education that inspires community action. DOVE stands for Dignity, Opportunity, Voice, Empowerment.

360 Communities

In the spirit of caring for our neighbors, 360 Communities provides hope and support to people by engaging communities to prevent violence, ensure school success and promote long-term self-sufficiency.

Family Advocate Program

Family Advocates works to strengthen families ​​and keep kids safe by empowering everyday people to protect and enrich the lives of youth.