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Lee Initiative

The LEE Initiative Is an Acronym For Let’s Empower Employment. OUR MISSION Wherever we identify a need for more diversity and more equality in the restaurant industry, we will find creative and forward-thinking solutions. We will create small but impactful programs that make a real difference in the lives of the next generation of restaurant industry professionals. We will help our community and inspire others to get involved, get active and give back.


IsraAID's mission is to effectively support and meet the changing needs of populations as they move from crisis to reconstruction, rehabilitation, and eventually, to sustainable living. This commitment is expressed in emergency relief and sustainable development, with an emphasis on the transition between them.

The Honor Foundation

THEIR MISSION --We exist to serve others with Honor, for life. So that their next mission is always clear and continues to impact the world. The Honor Foundation (THF) is a unique transition institute created exclusively for Navy SEALs and the U.S. Special Operations community. We provide a clear process for professional development and a diverse ecosystem of world class support and technology. Every step is dedicated to preparing these outstanding men and women to continue to realize their maximum potential during and after their service career.

Wildflyer Coffee

Wildflyer Coffee is a nonprofit coffee company that exists to create employment opportunities and cultivate life skills to empower youth experiencing homelessness and housing instability. We make coffee to empower. To build community and independence so youth can spread their wings.


AbilityFirst provides programs and services to help people with disabilities achieve their full potential throughout their lives. Our programs are person-centered and grounded in choice, autonomy and community participation. They empower individuals with autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and other intellectual/developmental disabilities to discover what is important to them in their lives, and to develop the skills that are important for them to achieve their goals.


NicaWorks! seeks to help impoverished Nicaraguans break out of the cycle of intergenerational poverty into which they were born by providing, or increasing, access to education, healthcare, food security, vocational training, leadership development, and youth mentoring with a special focus on children, at-risk teens and adults, and single mothers. Nicaragua is the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

National Capital Physicians Foundation

The mission of the National Capital Physicians Foundation is to advance the practice of medicine and to enhance population health through education, innovation and research.

Zoom Group

Empower, educate and employ people of all abilities.


SosteNica promotes sustainable economic and community development in Nicaragua. Our loan programs strengthen Nicaraguan communities. The training and technical assistance programs we provide ensure the success of our rural borrowers. Our housing program embodies environmental values while affording low-income families a dignified place to live. In the U.S., SosteNica offers socially conscious investors an opportunity to use financial resources constructively, to have a positive impact on one of the poorest nations in the Americas, while preserving their capital and earning annual interest. Thanks to SosteNica, many of the productive poor of Nicaragua -- small farmers and micro-enterprises -- have access to credit that would be otherwise unavailable. The combination of thoughtful First World investment and careful socially conscious lending to Nicaragua's poorest creditworthy borrowers creates an opportunity for sustainable growth. We dream of rural Nicaraguan families owning their own land, and on that land, growing everything they need to lead healthy, happy lives. We dream of communities of Nicaraguan families supporting one another in good times and in difficult times, celebrating together, and grieving together. We dream of a verdant Nicaraguan landscape, an intact ecosystem free of toxins and pollutants, rich with biodiversity, clean air and fresh sweet water. We dream of ordinary Nicaraguan families having enough resources locally that they never think of emigrating to another country in search of work, families who love where they live and what they do. We dream of young families living in ecological homes built with their own hands out of locally available materials that are both beautiful and sustainable. We dream of a world in which people with resources in one country reach out their hands of support to people in another country struggling to make a sustainable life. We dream of a community of people in the US whose investments reflect their values, where doing good does not conflict with doing well. SosteNica gives US investors an opportunity to achieve their social and environmental as well as their financial dreams and values. With a portfolio of both invested and donated funds, SosteNica promotes natural building for low-income families, organic agro-ecology and reforestation for rural small landholders, and micro-credit for small credit-worthy businesses. More than just "socially responsible", SosteNica gives investors an opportunity to have an impact in a way that says: "I care about the future, as well as about the present."

PeaceTrees Vietnam

PeaceTrees Vietnam is dedicated to the healing of communities impacted by the consequences of war. We sponsor the removal of explosive remnants of war, provide survivor assistance and mine risk education, promote community building projects including kindergartens and libraries, and engage in citizen diplomacy.

Asia America Initiative

The mission of AAI is to build hope and empower communities afflicted by armed conflict and severe poverty. We believe that peace, security and respect for human dignity are inseparable. Our goal is to develop programs as sustainable models that can be replicated globally. Our people-to-people initiatives integrate health, education, arts and livelihood as a basis for mediation. By building Hope, we overcome the hatred propagated by terror organizations. The success of these cost-effective models shows that empowering impoverished and conflict-plagued communities strengthens international security, stability and peace.

Kateri Tekakwitha Fund

The Kateri Tekakwitha Fund exists to empower Guatemalan women to break the cycle of poverty by having a positive impact on their lives, families, and communities through collaboration, educational scholarships, and support.