Asociacion Provida de Venezuela - Provive

Calle Guaicaipuro con Av. Pichincha,
Edificio Askain, Piso 1, Ofic. L1, Urbanizacion El Rosal
Caracas 1060,
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

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To promote the dignity and respect of women and girls, protecting them and their children from the social and personal repercussions of irresponsible parenthood and the degrading influences of slum life.

Years of work in the lower-income areas of Venezuela prompted us, 35 years ago, to create 'Alive to the World', an original values-based curriculum, specially prepared by a team of international experts, designed for classroom use. Alive to the World uses positive psychology for each and every developmental stage of growth from preschool to adulthood, educating in understanding the importance of values and integrity, appealing to the emotions and demonstrating their use in everyday life ("Educating Head, Heart and Hand", T. Lickona).

Our program, Alive to the World, in fully aligned with UNESCO's Goals for the XXI Century: Knowledge, Motivation and Skills. Seeing the effectivity of the story-telling technique, the anthropologically structured scaffolding and the non-judgemental approach to strengthening the person, family and community in all regions, our goal and mission is to implement our program in all deprived schools in Venezuela.

To be active and outspoken in bringing public awareness to the dangers of a growing cohort of young males, with no formation in values, joining gangs, and the corresponding teenage mothers, in the vicious cycle of abandoned street children.

To work to end the epidemic vicious cycle of poverty resulting from single, unprepared mothers and fatherless children in Venezuela with a coherent, structured and easily applicable educational program.

To lead our team of experts in creating, updating, testing and improving educational curricula for the promotion of the universal values of integrity and responsibility in the modern world, constantly adapting to present challenges. To lead a concerted and special effort to teach the logic of the universally recognized values, and the logic of the Golden Rule. We are aware this need exists as not only the streets become dangerous but schools become ever more chaotic. The objective is to help children to grow in an understanding of the need to consider others, in every way, as they would like to be considered. This is the Golden Rule. To be happy and useful, they must learn to respect others, as they want to be respected and to treat others, as they would like to be treated.

To educate young mothers in their children's growing experience focused on their future needs to live with human dignity.

To design, coordinate and implement local programs in politically, socially and economically stricken Venezuela to help the pregnant mother, as well as their future children, healthy or challenged.

To connect families with challenged babies with international experts in pursuit of their true potential, facilitating trained personnel to instruct and implement techniques and methods of achieving tailored programs of human potential at home. This program is called 'Proyecto Leopoldo'.

Finally, our mission is to rebuild Venezuela teaching integrity to children and adolescents through this proven method.